Award winning website for Multi-NationalTheir challenging brief was to develop a site that allowed flexibility in how work is presented via the existing database, show a wide range of projects in a cohesive way and reflect the firm’s reputation for design excellence by delivering a clean, elegant website tailored to their exact needs.

To display the vast amount of projects and areas in as clear and simple a presentation so as not to detract from the beauty and complexity of the featured images, we designed a sleek and fluid interface, which is driven by the existing but modified database. A ColdFusion-built admin system allows the client the requested flexibility: background, text, and link colours are customizable per each page; headings are positioned over the images by way of coordinates system; and any supporting documentation via a pdf or word doc can be uploaded as needed. Other features include a fall-mirrored HTML site, breadcrumb navigation, and Direct Flash page linking.

Gold, Graphis design
Gold Winner, Horizon Interactive Awards
Outstanding achievement award, Interactive Media Awards